PRISMA LIGHTS Spring/Summer 2019


A galactic glow with a rainbow shimmer that can range from delicate to intensively luminous, depending on the light. Dazzling, captivating, fascinating! Always in motion, always changing, surprising and hypnotizing. The STAGECOLOR trend PRISMA LIGHTS adds charmingly upbeat and futuristic holographic effects to your spring and summer look.

Blending in with the crowd is so yesterday. Sparkles and glitter, holographic patterns, shoes or bags in 3D, strong colors –– the fashion trends for spring and summer 2019 are infectiously cheerful. The seductive new make-up collection from STAGECOLOR COSMETICS is brimming with this carefree and positive spirit. During the day, you captivate attention with a fresh, wearable look and subtle yet perfectly placed holographic accents. The later the hour and the more glamorous the occasion, the more radiant and enchanting your make-up.

PRISMA LIGHTS – as carefree and light as summer, as unmistakable and versatile as you are!

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Healthy Skin Balm


Are you looking for a facial care product that perfectly matches the natural color of your skin and adds that special glow to your complexion? Something that is quick and easy to use but lasts the whole day long? If so, then HEALTHY SKIN BALM is your perfect beauty partner!

This creamy beauty balm is easy to apply, goes on evenly and blends perfectly with your skin to create a smooth, flawless complexion. It protects your skin against harmful environmental influences and daily UV radiation while also helping to retain moisture. Your skin feels silky smooth and well cared for. HEALTHY SKIN BALM has good covering power and creates shimmering yet extremely natural-looking results. Suitable for all skin types, a little bit of this product goes a long way. This multi-talent is used like a BB cream. It can be layered for stronger covering power and is also suitable as an under-eye concealer.

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RETRO CHIC Herbst/Winter 2018


Bell-bottoms. Petticoats. Crop tops. Ballerinas. Curls. Logo prints. Eyeliner. Kitten heels. Shoulder pads. High waists. Fanny packs. Grunge. Space buns.

Out of fashion?

Not by a long shot! That is RETRO! Retro is always associated with yearning for a past that seems especially appealing at the moment - and therefore better. What was considered a fashion faux pas yesterday is totally hip today.

STAGECOLOR is transforming this sense of yearning into cutting-edge RETRO CHIC, a look that revives the past and transforms it into today.

RETRO CHIC means surrendering to the charm of the past while welcoming the future with open arms.

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Perfect Lash Collection


Five new textures, each with its own unique lash brush, will spice up your eye make-up. No matter what look you want to achieve or what best suits you and your lashes, you will be sure to find your BFF mascara here.


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Welcome to Cabaret

Welcome to our show, a show called life!

Join the high life and get out on the stage. Today you are the star and all the spotlights are turned on you. Show them what you’ve got - bring out your inner show girl, burlesque queen or glamorous theater star. Beguile and seduce with extravagance. Dazzle them with the other you. Dare to be different - without caring what others might think.

Welcome to the cabaret!

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Contouring Palette

Contouring - the most beautiful me!

Everyone is doing it! Most definitely. Some would never admit to it and do it secretly. Others even earn money by doing it. Celebrities won’t voluntarily leave the house without it! Bloggers do it very officially. And stars and starlets won’t step foot in the limelight without it! What about you? When do you use contouring to get the best from your face?

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Professional Brush Collection

The luxurious character of the new PROFESSIONAL BRUSH COLLECTION is brought to life by the combination of beautifully satin-finished grips and shiny ferrules. The new, synthetic brushes feature modern designs and shapes.

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