The stage
is yours!


The history of STAGECOLOR began forty years ago in New York: with a fascination for make-up products of unique brilliance and luminosity, specially developed for the stage, and the idea of bringing these glamorous professional products to Europe.

A lot has happened since then, but one thing has remained the same - a brand with the highest standards of quality for your perfect look for every occasion. At STAGECOLOR you’ll find everything you need to bring out the best in your face: textures that melt into the skin, formulations that nourish at the same time and combine durability and color intensity with wearing comfort, trends and looks that underline your individual personality. STAGECOLOR is make-up that outlasts long sessions, tearful weddings, dancing nights or sporty workouts and always shows you from your most beautiful side!

The elegant ARTIST MAKE-UP STATION sets STAGECOLOR COSMETICS products in your studio into the right light. Invites you to try out and discover and fosters impulse purchases.

Variable components optimally present the basic assortment and can be supplemented if necessary or replaced.

The slim shape needs little space, is user-friendly, offers plenty of storage space and is one promotional eyecatcher!


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