Foundation Hole Brush

Foundation Hole Brush Foundation Hole Brush
Foundation Hole Brush


The perfect gift for a flawless complexion. The innovative FOUNDATION HOLE BRUSH is perfect for applying liquid make-up and foundation. To ensure optimum dosing, the make-up brush has a small indentation that serves as a reservoir in which you can place a few drops of your preferred texture of make-up.

The brush always takes up just the right amount of the make-up, no matter whether in liquid, powder or mousse form. All types of make-up are easy to apply with the brush. The product’s chic design, ease of usage and elegant packaging make the FOUNDATION HOLE BRUSH a very special gift.


  • Place foundation in the indentation in the brush and apply using gentle, circular motions
  • The perfect tool for applying, spreading and blending foundation and primer on all parts of the face


  • Soft, high-quality, formed tip
  • Unique design with make-up reservoir makes application easy and permits optimum dosing
  • Ideal for perfect application of foundation and primer
  • Very pleasant on the skin
  • Creates a perfect complexion
  • Flawless, even-looking skin with no streaks
  • Bristles: extra-fine synthetic fibers
  • Type: vegan
  • Band: aluminum (silver sheen)
  • Handle: Wood (glossy white varnish)
  • Size: 15.8 cm


Clean cosmetic brushes with a professional brush cleanser (e.g., BRUSH CLEANSER from STAGECOLOR COSMETICS, No. 5102), brush soap or a mild shampoo. The advantage of synthetic fibers is that they retain their shape after cleaning.

EUR 10,00
Incl. Tax