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Nail Lacquer Pink Rose
Nail Lacquer Pink Rose

Nail Lacquer

Nail Lacquer Pink Rose


The NAIL LACQUERS fascinate by their perfect coverage, very good durability and wonderful color brilliance. By means of the smooth consistency the application of the colors becomes a sheer pleasure & the NAIL LACQUER the shooting stars among the STAGECOLOR COSMETICS products. For perfectly staged nails! Simply created to delight!


Apply the NAIL LACQUER on the completely dry base coat (drying time 5 minutes is obligatory). For a more intensive color it is advisable to apply a second layer of NAIL LACQUER. It is important that the first layer is completely dry before re-application. Wait 10 minutes after having applied the second layer of NAIL LACQUER before applying the over coat.


Nails should not be varnished after having had a hand treatment, a full or steam bath or as well after having used some crème. Nails need to be absolutely grease free when applying the NAIL LACQUER to guarantee its full durability.

High colour brilliance, perfect coverage, good durability - and good for the nails.

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