Fall/Winter 2018 Limited Edition

Out of fashion? Not by a long shot! That is retro!

STAGECOLOR is transforming this sense of yearning into cutting-edge RETRO CHIC, a look that revives the past and transforms it into today. Look 1 is intensive, highly expressive and reminiscent of the eighties but cooler, more elegant and wearable from early morning to night. Look 2 is fresh and a little provocative, featuring intense eyes, a fresh complexion and velvety lips. A touch of the sixties on the totally self-assured woman of today.

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    The delicate Soft Pink tone and wonderfully silky-matte texture of CREAM BLUSH give your face a fresh, natural-looking glow. Nourishing ingredients leave the skin feeling relaxed and healthy. The light concealing effect makes impurities disappear instantaneously. The skin appears soft and smooth. CREAM BLUSH is suitable for all skin tones and types, for creating a natural or more intensive finish and for capturing any zeitgeist! Simply apply with your fingertips and blend well.

    Art. no. 2318 – Soft Pink


    Turn time forward or back at will with these four eyeshadow colors, lingering in the decade that speaks to your heart. Shimmering Bronze, Blue, Gold and Brown tones can be harmoniously combined or blended into one another. They flatter any eye color or look and can be applied as lightly or intensively as desired.
    The pearlescent, ultrafine powder enables you to achieve even results with a sophisticated frost effect. This light and creamy eyeshadow blends flawlessly.

    Art. no. 946 – Retro Colors (Bronze, Blue, Gold, Brown)


    This ultrafine eyeliner brush will help you create even more expressive eyes. Black and Dark Brown harmonize with any eye color or eyeshadow tone and bring out your eye make-up. The EYE DESIGNER is waterproof and can withstand any weather or emotion.
    Dab between the lashes for a natural look, draw a fine line for greater intensity or create a wide line to capture the spirit of the sixties. Whatever mood you are in, EYE DESIGNER can help you create the accompanying look!

    Art. no. 1015 – Black
    Art. no. 1016 – Dark Brown


    Perfect RETRO CHIC naturally includes a bright-colored lipstick as well! Cherry, a cool tone like the juice of rip cherries, Sunset a warm, intensive orange or Romance, a soft, elegant brownish red. Finest natural oils, waxes and plant extracts keep the lips velvety soft and smooth. This lipstick goes on creamy and feels simply fantastic. A high share of color pigments ensures a long-lasting, velvety and intensive finish.
    Apply lipstick directly for a bolder result, or use a lip brush to create a more natural look (such as LIP BRUSH, Item 63280).

    Art. no. 340 – Cherry
    Art. no. 341 – Sunset
    Art. no. 342 – Romance


    The nails should be fiery red, ultra-shiny and perfectly polished. That is the crowning RETRO CHIC touch! Classic Red offers high color intensity, perfect coverage and long-lasting color.
    Let the first coat dry completely before applying a second coat. This ensures that your polish will last longer.

    Art. no. 84440 – Classic Red

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