Think like a company, acting in partnership
Adapting quickly and flexibly to the continually evolving needs of business partners, recognizing economic and social changes and making the right business decisions: these are the challenges that a successful company must face.

From the outset, Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics AG's mission has been to act in an integral, responsible and reliable manner toward its business partners. Our goal is to promote the cosmetics trade as a key business partner, to assist it on its path to success and to help it keep in touch with the latest trends by adapting to the current market situation.

In order to safeguard the success of our mission in the long term, our current strategy also includes seeking out new trends and products, implementing marketing strategies in a timely manner and expanding our business areas to include new customer groups and markets. We aim to maintain and develop our core competence: support our business partners with an all-round range of services for the cosmetics trade.


In 2008, the two firms Mercatura and Jean-Pierre Rosselet, both founded in the 1970s and very successful in their markets, merged to form a new, powerful company. The goal of these two professional cosmetics companies joining forces was twofold: to exploit synergies, grow even further and gain in strength on the one hand, and to develop a stronger international presence on the other.

Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics AG, an industry expert, is extremely familiar with the need of the cosmetics trade to purchase not only high-quality and extraordinary products, but also to receive professional support and intensive training in commercial matters. Our mission therefore consistently combines product distribution, consulting and advanced training.

Today, the Bremen-based Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics AG is a well-known international company. It acts as agent and producer of high-quality products for the cosmetics trade and markets its own brands far beyond the national boundaries. These include our brand STAGECOLOR, which is developed and marketed internationally by a creative team in Bremen. The innovative and high-quality products allow us to expand into further countries and thereby strengthen our exports.

Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics AG employs a well-motivated staff of 110 committed and enthusiastic professionals, who work to ensure the satisfaction and commercial success of our business partners.

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