Brand History

At the beginning, there was Broadway...

This is where stars are born – on the stages as well as backstage, where the best professional artists from around the globe have come in the name of beauty since Broadway was born.
STAGECOLOR was already developed in the 70’s exclusively for top-class New York make-up artists. The extraordinarily innovative products spread among insiders like wildfire as an insider tip – even outside the theater scene, STAGECOLOR rose in demand amongst private New York Beauty Institutes in order to impress their most demanding customers with optimal performance.
The consistent development and reflection of the modern 7th Avenue lifestyle has finally brought STAGECOLOR recognition beyond the limits of the trendsetting metropolis.

7th Avenue, NYC – The Beauty System

STAGECOLOR is more than just make-up. It is a comprehensive system for the most demanding make-up artists on the cutting edge. An exclusive beauty concept, which focuses on optimal function and perfect results – for professionals only.

New sources of inspiration are permanently provided by the close proximity to the international fashion and lifestyle scene: Every year STAGECOLOR presents numerous limited trend collections and creative looks. Ultimately, ensuring the perfect implementation is the top-class quality of the products.
In STAGECOLOR, make-up and care competence are united, as well as high performance, modern spirit of the time and passion to create an inimitable system of beauty.